Transportation 1
  • Transportation & Port


    Ford wants to prevent the widening of Interstate 26 and the extension of Interstate I-526 through some of Charleston’s most vulnerable communities, calling instead for a study of transportation needs looking at other priorities such as road improvements in those same communities.

Black Judges 2
  • Election of Black Judges

    Ford described the election of judges by popular vote as a major goal and supported increasing the number of African- American judges The South Carolina Legislative Black Caucus was dissatisfied with the shortage of Black candidates seeking election to serve as judges. The Caucus staged a protest and walked out of a judicial election due to the absence of black candidates.

Predatory Lending 3
  • Predatory Lending

    Senator Ford introduced legislation to combat Predatory Lending. This practice is the unfair, deceptive, or fraudulent action of some lenders during the loan origination process. An audit report on predatory lending from the office of inspector general of the FDIC broadly defines predatory lending as "imposing unfair and abusive loan terms on borrowers." Thanks to Robert Ford South Carolina is one of a dozen states with anti- predatory lending laws on the books.

Education 4
  • Education

    Senator Ford emphasized the need for more funding for school programs, which he claimed is necessary due to the small number of pupils attending college and to remedy lack of knowledge in geography and civics, which he wants reinstated as a school subject. Ford worked with Senator Glenn McConnell in developing legislation that allowed private HBCUs in the state of South Carolina to access Education Lottery Funds. The measure has resulted in over $30 Million Dollars to Benedict, Allen, Claflin, Voorhees, Denmark, and Morris Brown.

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Labor 5
  • Labor

    Senator Ford is the number one advocate for organized labor in the South Carolina Senate. Senator Ford has never been afraid to use his filibuster power to hold up bills in the Senate that hurt his causes, and labor is no exception. He has introduced legislation concerning the health benefits of workers, and a living wage in our State. When the Charleston 5 of the International Longshoreman Association was unfairly charged with felony rioting charges it was Senator Ford standing with them on the front lines of protest.

  • Boeing Plant

    Ford-Gilliard Team

    The Ford-Gilliard Team also met with Boeing officials concerning job training and placement programs that targeted some of Charleston’s most disadvantaged communities. The 3800 jobs coming as result of the Boeing plant is an opportunity, but the Ford-Gilliard Team also understands that true access will only go to those trained for jobs at the plant. They work to ensure that Trident Tech is appropriately funded to provide the training needed to get these jobs.

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  • Jobs & Wealth Creation

    Opportunities that Bring Jobs

    "Charleston workers and families are struggling during this current economic time, and my focus has been on creating opportunities that bring jobs, and business development to my district. I believe in implementing policies that help build self- sustainable communities such as public investments in education, and minority business development programs. These types of program need a champion now more than ever as the recent "cut taxes, and slash spending" environment has left them vulnerable.

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  • Repeal of S.C. version of ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law

    We will not let the Trayvon Martin case happen here!

    State Sen. Robert Ford will file a bill to strike the 6-year-old provision in this state’s deadly force law. And he said he’s willing to attach amendments to a string of bills for the rest of the legislative session to force discussion of the “Stand Your Ground” principle if his bill stalls in committee. “This is too important not to have a discussion,” Ford said. “Even Republicans have children. This could happen to anybody — it doesn’t have anything to do with race or political party.” The South Carolina measure allows a person who is attacked at their business or another place they have a “right to be,” to stand their ground...

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  • Port Expansion and Economic Opportunity

    260,800 jobs across the state

    The City of North Charleston is the future. It has the potential of becoming one of the most successful economies in the State. The expansion of the Port of Charleston which will be relocating to the City of North Charleston at the Naval Base is the prime reason. The Port of Charleston is going to increase its current capacity at 50% by the time it is finally built out. The current capacity is not only an economic boon for the city but the state as well. Looking at the numbers the Port of Charleston facilitates 260,800 jobs across the state, and generates $45 Billion in economic activity each year.

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